Fear and Loathing in Gamma Terra

Steading of the Iron King - First Encounter

Characters were rolled up by the party. Our party consists of an as yet unnamed Mind Breaker / Pyrokinetic, another unnamed Speedster / Telekinetic character, and a Radioactive Hawkoid named Rot. Rot rolled a really low charisma score, so it was decided that he is actually some sort of vulture.

We started off with the small adventure that is included in the back of the book, the Steading of the Iron King. The players’ small village has come under the assault of robots of unknown origin. Every day for the past month, a robot will roll down from the foothills to the perimeter of the village, beep, buzz and then explode. On about 5 occasions, robots have managed to stop near the edge of the perimeter and actually fire off a rocket at the wall (to little effect).

The party decided to investigate this strange occurrence. On of the players remembered a group of Archivists coming to town about 5 years ago asking about robots: have you seen any functioning robots, do you know of any robot manufacturing plants around here, etc. The villagers said no to all of their questions and the Archivists left and were never heard from again. Also, through examining the debris pile of robot parts the villagers have collected, they were able to discern that the robots were made from old parts, but looked like they had been assembled relatively recently. They were also all labeled with the word ‘StupendiCo’, which Rot was able to recall as an ancient Cryptic Alliance devoted to constructing all manner of robots, from household servants to heavily armed robot soldiers.

Following the robots trail from the foothills was a simple task, as the robots had left a significant path to track. After about a day’s journey, the party came upon a Badder Steading. The Badders guarding the outside of the steading disavowed any knowledge of robots and tried to shoo off the party members, but took it as hostile when Rot decided to perch on their tower. A brief skirmish ensued, leaving two dead badders and two dead porkers.



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